“As the Horse Turns”

horse - Cisco and Raz

the big and the small of it ~ Cisco and RazzleBerre


Imagine…. sooooo….. much fun!   Set in rural northwest Ohio, the equine at Triple T Western Bed & Breakfast live, love and yes eat their way into your heart.  Be sure to catch the next episode of “As the Horse Turns”…


Our newest and smallest horse was born in the morning of April 24th. His parents, RazzleBerre and Senor Chico are proud of their little boy.

Our newest, smallest horse was born on April 24, 2016. His parents, RazzleBerre and Senor Chico are proud of their little boy, Kiki.  

… and introducing the





The cast of characters:





CHER – the Jezebel. Having overcome sweet Indy for the position of “Mare-All” power, this beautiful black Tennessee Walker uses her female wiles to seduce the geldings in her pasture.



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CHEROKEE – Big, Buckskin, and Jealous of Cher (his long-time love), he is willing to fight for the right to love her.



Horse- Seneca


SENECA CHIEF – raised in privilege, the 1/2 Arabian prince now finds great solace in rolling in the dirt.  With a noble head, he’s irresistible to the ladies.




Baby Beau2


BABY BEAU CACTUS – the Baby of the large horses, Baby Beau still needs to learn some manners.  But what a sweetheart he is!






COMANCHE – rescued and undernourished, Comanche has become a diamond in the rough…responsive, reliable and well-trained, he likes to show his talents – especially if there are treats involved.






COCHISE – quiet and loving, Cochise is an Amish Hackney with a pretty little trot.  He’s a lot of attitude in a small horse.




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