Mini Series

As the Horse Turns (the Mini Series) ….

RazzleBerre and Kiki


Be sure to catch the Mini Series of “As the Horse Turns”.  Set in rural northwest Ohio, the equine at Triple T Ranch live, love and yes – eat their way into your heart.








The cast of characters:

horses - Cody


CODY – Only 32″ high, this full grown horse is a BIG pleasure in a small package!  Believe me!  He may be small ~ but he’s ALL horse!



Cody's romantic interest - RazzleBerre! But RazzleBerre can't be caught.


RAZZLEBERRE – The mother of “baby” Kiki, RazzleBerre is the sweetheart of the minis.



"Baby" Kiki


Chavrayo Carriad “Kiki” – Our newest and smallest horse was born in the morning of April 24, 2016.  Almost 2 years old, his mother, RazzleBerre, is very proud of her little boy.




horses - Little Chief


LITTLE CHIEF – the youngest of our miniatures (after KIKI), Little Chief loves to entertain and serve you.

Small, but mighty!




horses - Colonel Peanut


COLONEL PEANUT – the oldest of the minis, Colonel Peanut loves to run and play!  With one of the prettiest gaits you’ll see in a mini or big, it is a joy to watch.








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